Billet Homes

Kodiak Billet Families

Many of our Billet families have provided a home away from home for players coming throughout Canada and the United States. These players range in age from 16-20 and have been able to complete their high school education at DTSS or take classes around the Fraser Valley. Many also hold part-time jobs while pursuing their hockey dreams, and working in our community. For many of these young players, it is often their first time away from home, combined with having to adjust to playing and learning a higher level of hockey. In addition, they face the challenges of a new school and community. At first, these challenges must be met without the support of family or friends. In view of the potential stress, this may present to our young players, the role of the billet family; and the security their home provides is very important.

In almost all billet homes, very strong relationships are formed between the player; his billet family and the player’s family. These relationships often continue long after the player has left the Kodiaks. Our Kodiaks have proven to be great role models for younger children in many Billet homes, as they learn and pass on the level of determination required for them to achieve their dream and goals. In addition, the personal development and life skills passed on to the players in the Kodiaks program tend to be passed on again, by the players to the younger members of their Billet family.

Our goal is simply to help Billet families enjoy the experience; while ensuring the right players are ‘matched’ to the best-suited families. The Kodiaks are always keen to have the widest possible range of Billet homes available during each season; so if you and your family are interested in becoming a Yak Billet Family Household, or would like to find out more about it, contact our GM at